6, December 2016

Interesting Facts To Know About Gnats

Gnats are troublesome pests that are a menace for most owners. Ideally, the words gnat is used to describe some swarming and pesky flying insects. These pests include midges, punkies, non-biting gnats, and biting gnats. The presence of these buzzing insects in your house can be annoying particularly when they bump into your head. However, these insects can be repelled or controlled easily.

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As mentioned above, there are various species of gnats. Some
particular smell attracts both the fungus gnat and the fruit fly. This could be the smell of rotten foods, overwatered plants and in most instances that of vinegar. These species of gnats live for close to several months as they lay eggs for future generations.

Trapping indoor gnats

The easiest way to trap gnats is by using something that attracts them. As such, the best way to go about this is by using vinegar. Considering that vinegar attracts them, you need to place some vinegar inside a jar with punched holes. Once they find their way into they jar, they will be drowned in the vinegar and would not be able to come out. As such, having several traps makes this trap quite useful.

Keeping indoor gnats away

Once you take care of the infestation, you also need to devise ways of avoiding another infestation in your home. As such, this involves making arrangements on making your home less hospitable to them. One should immediately discard any rotten foods in their premises and inspect all garbage cans to ensure nothing is rotting inside. Another thing to do is to place over watered plants outside for drying.

Outdoor gnats

asasxasdADXcxThese gnat species are relatively aggressive than those found indoors. Ideally, unlike indoor species, these are known for causing trouble to any outdoor gathering. Unlike indoor gnats, the best way to keep them is by employing some gaseous repellants. When it comes to outdoor gnats, there are some that bite. However, only the females bite and leave bite marks on their hosts. What about gnat bite? Well, the best way to go about treating this bite is by using any antiseptic.

Gnats are attracted to bright colors and some distinct smell common to rotting materials. This explain why you see them buzzing around garbage that has been out for too long. The best way to get rid of an infestation is to make a trap for gnats. With the right trap and suitable preventive methods, you will not see these pests in your property for a long time to come…