29, November 2017

Do you need to call an animal removal company?

Wildlife invasion is something that many homeowners experience. It is important to look for a way to keep the wildlife away because of the danger that they pose to humans. Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes difficult to remove animals from your home due to lack of skills and equipment. The best way to remove animals from your home is to get the services of an animal removal company. Houston Animal Removal Professionals, will help you solve the problem once and for all.

Signs that you need to call an animal removal company

Visible damages to your house

If you start noticing visible damages in your house, then it israccoon in trash can time to consider calling a professional animal removal company. When wildlife starts invading your home, then they are likely to cause damages to your home. The animals destroy the plants, roof and the fence in your home. When the animals start destroying property around your home, then it is a sign that they are increasing in number and they are also becoming more aggressive.

Strange noises

Wild animals are not silent. Once they invade your home, you will hear all sorts of noises. The noises are mostly heard at night. It can make sleeping very uncomfortable, and you need to call a professional to get rid of the noise. Birds, raccoons, bats and other animals are very notorious for making noise at night. You can always distinguish the type of noise that you hear to know the exact type of animal that has invaded your home.

Animal droppings and smell

Apart from strange noises, it is possible to see animal droppings and even foul smells around your home. The foul smell is caused by animal droppings and even the animals. When you start seeing animal droppings, then it means that the animals have started getting comfortable in your home and it will soon become hard to control them. You will always see droppings and especially bat dropping in your bathroom or balcony.

animal trapped

You have tried animal removal unsuccessfully

If you have tried removing animals from your home unsuccessfully, then it is time to consider calling a professional. Sometimes animal removal process needs skills and the only way to get the right skills is to call an animal removal company. The animal removal company will help you get rid of the animals and also prevent future invasion.…


5, October 2017

Tips on Eliminating Pests in Your Home

At some point, nearly every homeowner will experience issues with vermin, but not all of them warrant a call to the exterminator. Read pest extermination tips according to montreal exterminator mathieu gendreau. In dealing with such critters on your own, it is best to consider the environmental factors that enable them to live comfortably.

Pest extermination

Rats avoid fresh mint leaves

Apart from cockroaches, rats can be a homeowner’s biggest headache. While rat poison is readily available at most hardware stores, those with children or pets should be wary of the powerful toxins used in such products. Mint leaves act as a natural rodent repellent, and are safe and non-toxic. The fresher the leaves, the better, so it may be beneficial to grow several mint plants around the foundation of the home to block off entry points. Mint-scented trash bags are also available to prevent rats and raccoons from looting for table scraps.


Wasp nests should be removed at night

In dealing with stinging insects, it is best to avoid their active hours. Most wasps are diurnal, so any attempt to remove a nest is best performed after sunset. Using spray insecticides is the safest way to do this, but should only be done in well-ventilated areas and away from food or pet bowls. As a rule, it is best to cover as much skin as possible to reduce the risk of being stung. Do not attempt to remove the entire nest at once. Instead, spray the nest from a few feet away, stop to check for activity from a safe distance, and repeat. When insect activity seems to have ceased, the nest can be safely removed.

Plastic wrap can trap fruit flies

Clogged sinks often result in fruit fly infestations that can last several weeks if unchecked. A simple way to check your drain for flies is to remove standing water and place household plastic wrap over the drain, securing it in place with weights or adhesive.

Hairspray acts as a substitute for spray insecticide

If you find your home swarmed by flying insects and are without insecticide, you may use hair spray or perfume to curb the problem. Cover any cookware as you do so, and be sure to stay away from open flames, as aerosol sprays are highly flammable. As always, when spraying makes sure the area is well-ventilated by opening a window or door.


Standing water should be eliminated

Insects are most comfortable in damp and dark environments. For this reason, high-risk areas like sinks, crawlspaces, and cupboards should be checked regularly to ensure that they are clean and dry. If you recycle, you should also rinse out containers that may contain traces of sugar, like aluminum soda cans and plastic juice cartons.…


6, December 2016

Interesting Facts To Know About Gnats

Gnats are troublesome pests that are a menace for most owners. Ideally, the words gnat is used to describe some swarming and pesky flying insects. These pests include midges, punkies, non-biting gnats, and biting gnats. The presence of these buzzing insects in your house can be annoying particularly when they bump into your head. However, these insects can be repelled or controlled easily.

Facts to knowswdaqsaScaS

As mentioned above, there are various species of gnats. Some
particular smell attracts both the fungus gnat and the fruit fly. This could be the smell of rotten foods, overwatered plants and in most instances that of vinegar. These species of gnats live for close to several months as they lay eggs for future generations.

Trapping indoor gnats

The easiest way to trap gnats is by using something that attracts them. As such, the best way to go about this is by using vinegar. Considering that vinegar attracts them, you need to place some vinegar inside a jar with punched holes. Once they find their way into they jar, they will be drowned in the vinegar and would not be able to come out. As such, having several traps makes this trap quite useful.

Keeping indoor gnats away

Once you take care of the infestation, you also need to devise ways of avoiding another infestation in your home. As such, this involves making arrangements on making your home less hospitable to them. One should immediately discard any rotten foods in their premises and inspect all garbage cans to ensure nothing is rotting inside. Another thing to do is to place over watered plants outside for drying.

Outdoor gnats

asasxasdADXcxThese gnat species are relatively aggressive than those found indoors. Ideally, unlike indoor species, these are known for causing trouble to any outdoor gathering. Unlike indoor gnats, the best way to keep them is by employing some gaseous repellants. When it comes to outdoor gnats, there are some that bite. However, only the females bite and leave bite marks on their hosts. What about gnat bite? Well, the best way to go about treating this bite is by using any antiseptic.

Gnats are attracted to bright colors and some distinct smell common to rotting materials. This explain why you see them buzzing around garbage that has been out for too long. The best way to get rid of an infestation is to make a trap for gnats. With the right trap and suitable preventive methods, you will not see these pests in your property for a long time to come…