27, November 2016

Buying A Used Mobile Home – Things To Look At

There comes a time when purchasing a mobile is home is the best alternative to living in a brick and mortar house. When looking for a mobile home, you can opt to buy a new mobile home or a used one depending on what suits you most. When looking at used mobile homes for sale, there are certain considerations exclusive to mobile homes. As such, this article intends to share some of the considerations every buyer should make before investing in a used mobile home.

Buying Tips


This is the difference in the value of the used home from the time of manufacture and its present value. As much as most manufactured homes are fairly priced compared to traditional homes, they also tend to lose some value with time. As such, it is imperative to have depreciation in mind when shopping for a mobile home. Besides just this, you might also look at maintenance and the possibility of improvements made.

Need for repairs

As much as the quality of mobile homes manufactured today has steadily increased, any used mobile home can never miss a few anomalies. As such, when shopping for one, you should carefully assess the need and magnitude of repairs needed. Moreover, it is also advisable to ensure that you are aware of the safety standards and building codes governing repairs and maintenance of mobile homes.


Most people place these homes in private land or parks. As such, you should ensure that you are well aware of the implications of placing it where you intend. For instance, when using them in parks, you should carefully look at the park rules before making your purchase.

Financing options

sdsadccsadcLike any investment, owning this unit requires a significant amount of money. For traditional homes, availability of financing from financial institutions might be rather plentiful. This is rather different when it comes to mobile homes, considering that these homes are placed on rented land. Notwithstanding, you might always contact you loan officer and see whether there is a hope of finding some financing.

Energy efficiency

The efficiency of a house describes the capacity of a home to use energy for heating and air conditioning purposes optimal. As such, when buying a used home, it is advisable to look at the condition of the house and the possibility of conducting energy upgrades. Consult a contractor to evaluate the need and cost of performing this upgrade.…